Anyone involved with road marking projects knows how crucial this task is. It is one of the vital works that can improve the visibility of the road, especially at night. Their main requirement is to mark the surface so that the paint remains intact even after a number of years.

The Importance of Road Marking

Ensuring motorists’ safety is the top priority for any road marking professional. To provide the utmost safety to drivers and pedestrians, especially older adults, engineers develop certain specifications. They check a number of factors even before beginning the work.

Vital Factors for High Visibility Road Marking Projects

From visual clarity to material quality, the professionals check a number of factors before beginning the marking project. The following section elaborates on this.

  • Retro-Reflective Level and Performance

    Retro-reflectivity is a technical term widely used in road marking. It refers to the performance of the road marks at night. The level of retro reflection varies between different road marking paints. Drivers rely on the road’s retro-reflectivity to determine the lanes and drive smoothly at night. Therefore, it is a vital factor to consider before marking the road.


  • Retro-Reflective Performance during Rains

    In wet and dark conditions, road markings can seem invisible to motorists, which can lead to a dangerous driving experience. To ensure better visibility, specialised reflective markings are used. These remain visible in all conditions and are not washed away by rain. You can also measure the effectiveness of this special road marking through two ASTM methods.


  • Long-Term Durability

    Not all paints are suitable for all kinds of roads. Various factors, including weather and road use, determine the use of a specific brand of paint. Most road marking engineers opt for microcrystalline ceramic beads, which provide reliable performance. They are much more durable than glass-only beads, which only last for a short period.


    By measuring these factors, professionals mark the roads. This ensures a safe drive for motorists, regardless of the weather or time of the day. You must trust a professional source like SAS Lining Services for efficient marking projects. We are a prominent road marking service based in Hull, UK. Our team has a number of successful marking projects to their name. The projects offer a safe drive to thousands of motorists. For more information, you can visit our website today.