Everyone appreciates the benefits of line marking as it helps to stay safe on roads. However, one of the biggest issues with line marking is that it fades with time, causing dangers to road users.

It isn’t easy to realise that line marking is fading, mainly during the daytime. But it is easy to spot at night. Driving at night when you cannot properly see the line marking is the first sign of disaster. Here’s why most of the roads in current days have thermoplastic line marks.

The thermoplastic line marks commonly include numbers or letters, symbols and turning arrows. But, due to their benefits over other markings, they are now used to indicate hazardous areas with poor night visibility.

The Top Benefits Of Using Thermoplastic Line Marking

They Are Highly Reflective In Nature

The addition of glass beads over the line marks before the application of paint makes the marking much more effective. It also creates safe driving conditions at night, in wet weather and low-light areas.

They Are Anti-Skid In Nature

The glass beads offer an increased factor of traction on streets. It further reduces skidding in rainy and hazardous road situations—the combination of anti-skid nature and reflectivity to line marking increases the safety of drivers on roads.

They Need Very Less Maintenance

As the thermoplastic line marking has improved durability and lifespan, they need less maintenance. It will reduce the installation cost for both commercial users and local councils.

They Are Long Lasting In Nature

As the line markers wear away with constant use, the glass beads mixed with paint remain clear, retaining the reflective and anti-skid nature of marking. This feature of thermoplastic is a big improvement in normal fading and areas with poor clarity.

Apart from this, the lifespan of thermoplastic line marking is six times better than normal marking. It is affordable, effective and suitable for all road conditions. The thermoplastic line marks are used in car parking, cycle lanes, bus lanes and school safety zones. They increase safety and reduce the chance of accidents to a greater extent.

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