To ensure the safety of the pedestrians, the local authorities work with full might. Along with keeping the road surface smooth, they perform other works that ensure the safety of pedestrians. One vital safety exercise is marking the roads and creating separate zones for vehicles and pedestrians.


Brief About Anti-Skid Line Marking:

Marking the road makes the road more accessible and safe for everyone. However, the city authority has to use different materials to scratch the surface. These should be durable, highly visible, and non-slippery. A car or pedestrian will befall into danger if they skid on the marked line.


To avoid such inconveniences, the lining service in Hull uses anti-skid line marking. You can learn more information regarding this product in the following section of this blog.


About Anti-Skid Marking:

Anti-skid marking is a high-friction surfacing solution. The marking is done with a specific material, increasing the road surface’s friction. It produces a better grip and reduces the stopping distance of the car. Anti-skid markings are famous for applying on slippery roads, bus stops, pedestrian crossings, and cycle lanes.


Types of Anti-Skid Marking:

Primarily, you can see two anti-skid markings: Hot and cold. These two are referred to for the temperature of treating the resin in markings. The hot-applied anti-skid markings are most commonly seen on the tarmac and other surfaces. For different types of roads, people use cold-treated anti-skid markings.


What are Its Benefits?

  •  Anti Skid Marking lasts much longer than standard asphalt as it is abrasion resistant. It can remain intact even with high traffic.

  •  The laying process of this type of surfacing is much easier and quicker.

  •  You can apply anti-skid markings on any road surface. This includes heavy characters like tarmacs and lighter ones like bicycle lanes.

  •  The chances of accidents get reduced with the anti-skid surfacing. It improves the tyres’ grip and significantly reduces the stopping distance of vehicles.


For all these reasons, anti-skid line marking should be your first choice. If you need help in this field, you can contact a well-known service provider near your location. Get in touch with SAS Lining Services, one of the renowned lining services in Hull. We can provide you with different types of the lining that helps to keep the road safe. For more details about our business, you can visit our website.