Playgrounds play an important role in shaping the physical health of kids of today. Playgrounds are present everywhere. Schools, apartments, cities, daycare – childhood without playgrounds is unimaginable. The most positive aspect of a playground is that the children can play in a fresh and healthy environment without any obstacles in between.

However, line markings on playgrounds are an essential aspect. Although, as parents, you may ignore this part, the lines play an important role in improving the eye coordination of your child. Hence professional companies are engaged in line marking Leeds.

Four ways playground markings can help children

Social and personal skill development

With the help of markings, the mental ability and coordination of the children can be improved. Sometimes you might see footprint marks on the playground directing the children to specific areas. This strategy helps the children to follow the marks and reach the destination independently. They develop motor skills as well as coordination skills. Following lines or markings also helps to improve hand-eye coordination.

Quick learning methods

Playground markings can be used innovatively to engage the children in learning activities. For the younger children, marking the alphabet on the playgrounds is an awesome way of helping them to learn using the most interactive method. Thus, playground markings have become one of the most favourite learning methods for all children regardless of their ages. Unlike restricting them within the classroom boundaries, this is certainly a more attractive way of teaching.

Sporting activities

You can install life-sized board games on the ground through markings and encourage the kids to play and be more active. They can practice target games, mazes, number games and step-up games with the help of the 3D markings done on the playground. This helps improve their physical fitness, interpersonal skills, group bonding and teamwork skills.

Counting skills

Using innovative line marking methods, snakes and ladders and counting games can be plotted on the playgrounds. This encourages the kids to develop their numerical skills alongside playing activities.  The lines are marked with colours which makes the boxes and lines attractive to the children. Learning numbers becomes easy if such techniques are used.

At SAS Lining Services Ltd, we have talented line marking specialists who can make attractive and useable lines over the playgrounds, car parking zones, highways and other places. We provide decorative pictures, grids and game boards for the playgrounds that help kids to learn faster. Check out our website for more details and book our services.