Recently, there has been an increased conversation on Global warming and pollution. To reduce fossil fuel-related pollution, environmentalists suggest using eco-friendly alternatives. One of the most effective alternative vehicles is the bicycle.

Increased Use of Bicycles

Nowadays, it is common to find people using a bicycle for a regular commute. It contributes to zero carbon emissions and is a great option for staying fit. For safe passage of bicycles in busy city streets, you may find several roads with separate bicycle lanes. Contractors of line marking in Sheffield paint them in distinct colours for better identification and usage.

Cycle Line Marking: Different Types and their Meanings

When you use a bicycle lane, you should know the meaning of the different markings. These are explained in this blog.

Solid Green Lines: It is the most common colour found in a bicycle lane. The colour is recommended by NACTO. The green colour is widely applied as it is less likely to get confused with other traffic markings. The green colour also has a better luminous reflection. A cyclist can spot the green lane at night, even in dimly lit areas.

Solid White Lines: No matter what the colour inside the lane is, a cycling lane is always bordered by solid white colour. The white line is generally found at the edge of a road. It denotes the boundary between normal traffic and the cycle lane. The line indicates the cyclists to stay inside their designated zone and not break the boundary.

Fragmented Green Lines: Cyclists may sometimes spot a white-bordered cycling lane with broken green sections. This warns the cyclists about a nearby crossing. The cyclists should be aware of their speed as they head toward a high-traffic road. This line marking cautions them of turning towards a specific direction.

Broken White Borders: You might have noticed solid and dashed white-bordered lanes in regular traffic. However, these hold particular importance in cycling lanes too. If you spot dashed white lines inside a cycling lane, you should know that it is no more an exclusive zone. It can be accessed by other vehicles as well. These are generally found near major crossings and intersections.

These are some common bicycle lane markings that you may notice. Contractors of line marking in Sheffield can help in painting them accurately. You can visit SAS Lining Services, a trusted source for road marking works. We have a team of qualified workers who are experts in marking cycling lanes. You can also get our quality assistance in marking various residential and commercial properties.