You may have spotted white parallel lines when driving along the motorway. These play an integral role in ensuring a safe drive by reducing the chances of accidents. Proper road line marking enhances visibility, making driving more accessible day or night.


Note the Road Marking Techniques

During a drive, these lines may feel seemingly simple by design. However, it would be fascinating to note that road-marking techniques involve art and science. You can spot different patterns made of various road marking materials. Each has its significance in promoting a safe drive.

Common Types of Road Line Marking

Generalising all types of road lines as white marks can be a bit undermining. Below, we delve into typical road lining services and their significance in preventing accidents.

  • Longitudinal Markings

    We cannot miss discussing these while pointing out the different types of road line marking. These generally run parallel to the flow of the traffic and can be divided into other subparts:


  • Centrelines

    Act as a separator between traffic coming from the opposite direction. A dashed line means it is safe to overtake or pass, while a solid line indicates no passing.


  • Lane Lines

    These can be found in a single lane, separating the ongoing traffic into different lanes. These also come with dashed or solid white lines.

  • Edge Lines

As the name suggests, these lines can be found on the outer boundaries of the road. They help drivers stay on their course.

  • Transverse Markings

The transverse road line marks can be found perpendicular to the traffic flow. Their variants include:

  • Stop Lines

They indicate where the vehicles must stop at intersections or a traffic signal.

  • Pedestrian Crossings

These lines allow pedestrians to cross busy areas safely.

  • Directional Arrows

They guide the drivers to turn or merge in the correct direction.

  • Miscellaneous Markings

Apart from these regular road line marks, you may also find other types. These include Reserved lanes, parking bays and speed limit marks.

You can spot These few common line marks around the roads. Collaborate with an expert source like SAS Lining Services to incorporate them with professional assistance. We are a premier lining service based in Hull, offering different types of line marking using multiple products. For more information about us, you can communicate or visit our website.