Line marking is an essential part of vehicle safety and traffic management. Apart from roads, there are sports grounds, driveways, parking yards and other areas where you can see the successful use of line marking in and around Sheffield. Line marking on the concrete surface is very common as most of these areas have a surface built of concrete. Hence, it is crucial to know in detail about line marking on concrete before you go for it.

Deliver Efficient Results

When you hire experts for this job, you can always expect efficient results. Concrete is one of those surfaces where these markings work naturally well. These marks remain longer on such a hard surface. It is tough to remove these lines easily from a concrete surface when done by the experts.

Avoid Mistakes during Line Marking

Since it is hard to remove the line marking from concrete, you should be highly careful while doing this. It is easy to make mistakes but take a lot of effort to fix it. Even a single mistake can jeopardise your entire effort.

Do Not Perform Line Marking on New Concrete

This is one of the common mistakes often amateurs make. Marking lines on the newly constructed concrete surface is a big mistake. There should be a 28 Day curing period for newly laid concrete to absorb and deliver the finest results of line marking.

Prepare the Correctly Before Marking

It is required to prepare the concrete surface well before line-marking to obtain the optimal result. Clean the surface evenly and do not use the marking on wet concrete. After the line marking, you need to wait for at least 12 hours to hose the surface for cleaning.

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