Marking lines at your car parking areas and other premises play a vital role in managing trouble-free parking routines and driveway access. They have specific meanings and are significant for parking vehicles in a particular area. Drivers and car owners should be aware of the importance of these lines and obey them t avoid confusion. However, those line-markings may need a retouch after a while to look fresh and prominent. You should consider hiring professional experts for line remarking to obtain a flawless finish.

The Procedure of Line Marking

Those white, red and yellow lines at your warehouse or parking area withstand daily wear and tear. Hence, it is normal for those lines to get fade away over overtime. Tyres rubbing, daily cleaning, rain and other elements play a vital role in washing off the paint from the surface.

In most cases, faint marking lines remain intact, which needs retouch to become prominently visible to the drivers and others.

Step 1: Removal of Existing Marking 

The job of surface preparation needs the removal of the existing marking. Even though the maximum part of the old marking has faded away, you have to remove the rest of the lines completely before applying the new coats. You can use the scrubbing, cleaning or grinding method to wipe off those lines from the surface to make it prepared for fresh lines. When you remove existing paints from the surface, it can accept the new coats properly and offer the best result.

Step 2: Line Marking 

The next step is applying line marking as per vehicle parking regulations and requirements. You can draw arrows, shared zones, lines, lettering, disabled spots and much more to offer clear instructions to the users and make your surface much more interesting. These fresh markings will give your surface a brand new look. Even if you do not replace your concrete driveway or pavement for car parking, new line marking can give it a refreshed and attractive appearance.

Where Can Line Markings Be Used?

  • Road line marking
  • Car parks
  • Shopping centres vehicle parks
  • Warehouse and factory marking
  • Schools and playground marking

You should consider hiring line marking professionals for all your line retouching projects to enjoy seamless results without any trouble. These experts apply their skills and experience to deliver superior services to their clients.

SAS Lining is one such company. We work 24×7 for our clients to match their schedules. Hence, our services are efficient, convenient and flexible. Please get in touch with us for more information.